About us

KLP Eiendom is one of Norway’s largest property companies. KLP Eiendom has a diversified property portfolio consisting of offices/public buildings, shopping centres, hotels, educational buildings and leasehold sites.

KLP Eiendom manages all KLP's property investments. The company manages properties in Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Stockholm, Malmø and Copenhagen. Together with KLP Real Estate Europe s.a.r.l (Luxembourg).

KLP Eiendom's environmental action plan sets concrete targets for energy reduction and measures regarding consumption of paper, water and energy as well as waste sorting. The energy consumption for properties KLP Eiendom manages has steadily reduced in recent years. It is also in these buildings we have the greatest opportunity to influence our environmental footprint.

Comparison from year to year is challenging because we regularly increase the extent of the properties and in addition we have variable access to tenants' electricity meters. However we monitor energy consumption where we ourselves have energy meters. In addition, work is being carried out on the systematic understanding of the energy flow in the buildings in order to discover and implement good energy-saving measures.

Read more about property and environment (www.klp.no)

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+47 55 54 85 00

Street Address
Dronning Eufemias gate 10
0191 Oslo


Mailing Address
Pb 400 Sentrum
0103 Oslo

Gunnar Gjørtz
phone + 47 22 03 35 00


Vice president property development
Eskild Rolstad
phone + 47 41 45 72 61


Director, Real estate administration
Ellen Langeggen
phone + 47 90 75 30 22